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Tracking Wordpress downloads in Google Analytics

Submitted by hc on Fri, 2015-10-23 11:51
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A client needed to track stats on the downloading of various PDF publications from their website. The request to download a file could come from within an email link, rather than a click within the Wordpress interface, so using standard Javascript based solutions wasn't good enough, as they might not capture direct links to the file.

Tune Up your Web Development on Windows.

Submitted by hc on Tue, 2015-09-29 09:36
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It might feel like that we Windows users are second class citizens compared to our brethren on MacOS or even linux, but it's not all bad. Here's a list of tips, and tools I use day to day, that make developing on Windows not just 'less painful', but actually a whole lot easier.

Removing Avada theme bloat

Submitted by hc on Tue, 2015-01-20 09:27
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I was a bit nervous when I stumped up my cash for the world’s best selling theme on behalf of a client. I had suggested that often, many options == bloat, and adjusted their expectations accordingly, with respect to performace. In the back of my mind, I was thinking how bad could this be? 100000+ happy customers can’t be wrong? <ahem>

WooCommerce 2.1 - breaking change to layered nav

Submitted by hc on Mon, 2014-04-28 17:22
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I spent a few hours on this issue this afternoon, and Google was no good to me, so I'd like to share.

Backing up your cPanel accounts, without compromising security

Submitted by hc on Wed, 2013-01-30 10:13
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I was a bit upset to discover that the hosting provider for which I am a reseller, StableHost, don't provide me with an easy means to systematically backup a full set of client cPanel accounts from my server. The WHM interface was missing the relevant backup options, as I think you have to be logged in as root.

Migrating DNS from ZoneEdit to Amazon Route 53

Submitted by hc on Sun, 2013-01-20 11:54
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I've used ZoneEdit for a long, long time. I've never like the idea of a DNS service that was bundled with something else (domain purchasing, hosting etc), so ZoneEdit seemed a pretty good match. Wasn't free (if you paid for a bit of extra redundancy) but didn't cost the $30+ / year some vendors weere charging. Until a few years back, it looked so ugly that it had to be good. ;-)

crime fighting, Dropbox style

Submitted by hc on Sat, 2013-01-05 16:43
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So I lost my phone just after Christmas. Drove back from Melbourne on boxing day with it, couldn't find it that night, but wasn't fazed, it was here somewhere amongst the masses of presents for the younger generation.... searched again the next day, and the next few after that, and then on NYE gave up, decided to bite the bullet and pony up for a new one. I was pretty dirty, I wasn't quite ready to pull the trigger on a new handset, and it had to be around the house somewhere.

The iPhone 5's Lightning connector- 'simplicity', Apple style

Submitted by hc on Tue, 2012-10-02 10:30
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It's a hell of a phone.

I've spent a bit of time reading through the iPhone 5's specs, poring over the reviews, and generally absorbing information about it. It's an amazing bit of kit. To create a thinner, lighter and much faster phone with a larger screen, connected to a more power hungry networking standard (4G), while not sacrificing battery life, is an engineering feat to be marvelled at.

CrashPlan, and how I use it

Submitted by hc on Wed, 2012-09-05 11:55
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I've been advising others on backup solutions recently, and so I thought I'd share the way I use CrashPlan to keep my machines backed up. It's not, as far as I can tell, how most would use it, but it provides me with the flexibility I like.

xJSFL - makes working with Flash IDE assets tolerable

Submitted by hc on Wed, 2012-05-16 10:49
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I'm working on a project with an animator friend. Being an animator, the Flash IDE is the place where he does all his work. Fair enough, I can accept that, but it makes my life as the coder in this project no fun. Squiilions of assets, and a brief that requires the end result of his animation efforts to be completely skinnable by the end user, means that I was searching for something to make asset wrangling painless.

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