I use a number of software tools. Here are some of them.

Eclipse is the IDE I spend most time in; I use the commercial FDT plug-in for editing ActionScript. It's code completion, syntax highlighting, reference linking and build tools cannot be beaten. It's a shame that it is so poorly supported; forum questions go unanswered forever, and some frustrations remain. I could never justify ponying up for the Enterprise version just to gain some email support. 

I use Adobe's Creative Studio CS5. It's, mmm, OK. It lives on it's own parallel UI planet, which I find difficult to spend extended periods in. But, for working with designers, it can't be avoided, easily. 

I've been slowly becoming more adept at using Linux, and thenumber of great Open Source software packages that run on top of it. In particular, I use Git for source control; as I work alone or in small teams, there is no need for something as centralized as SVN, which I've also used. Git is a good fit; I run 2 servers one on- and one off-site to keep my project files up to date and in sync between different machines.

I recently started using CrashPlan for my backups; doing local backups between machines, and offsites between my home and office network locations is very slick, and easily set up. The ability create alocal backup, sneakernet it to another location, 'attach' it to a different instance of CrashPlan, and then back up to it, remotely, is brilliantly thought out.

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