Behavioural Science

I have collaborated with Jeanette Lawrence of the University of Melbourne for over 15 years now, on a number of data-collection exercises to support her research work.In the early days we used Macromedia Director, these days it's Adobe AIR or the web that's used to deliver the materials. The principles remain the same however: onscreen surveys which combine a series of information screens and questions in a number of different styles (ratings, rankings, sortings) provide a richer set of summary statistics to support research aim, vs conventional pen-and-paper surveys.

A couple of examples are below. The first is taken from a recent application to explore the experience of refugee youth who have migrated to Australia. One of the activities allows the kids to list the people who are a part of their world. 

choose characters

They can then manipulate icons representing those characters to indicate the degree of closeness they feel to the different people in their world.

choose characters

Under the hood, the program records the classification of the characters (mother, father, brother sister etc), as well as the distances chosen.

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