• Extensive experience writing custom post types, custom taxonomies, and extensive use of custom metadata and taxonomy term metadata.
  • Comfortable reading core code as required
  • Comfortable customising 3rd party plugins to suit, or writing custom ones for particular end uses
  • Comfortable efficiently customising 3rd party themes, or building themes from standard bases (such as underscores)
  • Extensive experience with 3rd party plugins, including:
    • Gravity Forms
    • Modern Tribe Events Calendar & Events Calendar Pro
    • WP Job Manager
  • User of WP-CLI command-line scripting environment to bootstrap new sites including SQL database setup, core download and install, case plugin set install, and child them creation
  • extensive experience debugging issues in 3rd party code


  • Experience writing custom PHP code in other frameworks (CakePHP, Drupal), including PDF generation, media uploads, email transactions


  • Experience with jQuery, JS frameworks (backbone.js, react.js) and dependency management (require.js)
  • Experience with node.js as a CLI data-processing tool (csv processing before WordPress import)


  • Experience with responsive layouts, including conversion of non-responsive themes
  • User of scss / less to improve efficiency of styling

Adobe products

  • User of Adobe Photoshop since v2.2
  • Competent in Illustrator
  • Clear understanding of compression, image formats

Other technologies

  • User of git for version control, including hosted and self-administered solutions
  • Comfortable with Linux environments (several self-managed servers)
  • Good understanding of core internet technologies (TCP, DNS)
  • Comfortable writing integrations with 3rd party APIs (examples are Twitter, Facebook, AirTable, CRMs etc)